munch it!

You got to chew it, to taste it!

Why Munch it?

Not that I love eating, but yeah I do 😉

When we are eating, the more you chew your food, the more you enjoy the flavor. When you travel you enjoy the view…traffic? maybe it’s time to listen to some nice tunes you never had time listening before. Whatever it is, you got to chew it to taste it! Just munch it!

This blog is about appreciation of  life. I want to share my celebration of good life. Of course it’s not going to be a sweet life everyday, however I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. Every small things, every flaws, every moments happy or sad, every step we take and every decision we make are like building blocks of the real big thing that will come along.

Tomorrow can only get better!

What to expect in this blog?

Fashion! I love everything about it. I like to see people dress up so well and I like dressing up myself! I create clothes, and so far they are wearable LOL! I will be sharing my finished projects and probably some sewing techniques that you can hopefully find helpful. I will also be sharing my ideas about fashion, and see if someone will agree with it, ahaha. I have to find out if I will have future in fashion.

Internet Marketing. Ok I’m not a nerd, but my hubby and I joke about it; but it just happened that everything about the internet has over taken my life. (My husband and I met over the internet and for almost 2 year 85 percent that we are together are shared through the internet) That’s another story, I will be sharing about my experiences in this career I’ve chosen to stick with and maybe we can exchange ideas and information!

Just everything under the sun. I appreciate how people are so generous about sharing their ideas and what they know about specific things over the internet and I want to be one with them. Google has been a real companion to tummy aches, I google; I’m depressed, I google; confuse, I google; forgot spelling, I google; grammar, translations, tutorials, I google! It’s about time that i return the favor 🙂

I am excited about this, and I’m sure blogging will be one of my loves from now on ♥


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