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Simple High Waist Skirt Using Elastic Band

I love skirts a lot, and I think every woman deserves some nice pieces of skirt.

Today I want to share with you simple skirts I made using elastic bands. This is not a typical “How To” post, however I will be sharing with you some notes on how I came up with these cute little skirts of mine.

I always want to create pieces that every woman can wear regardless of her size, and that is my primary goal in this project. The picture below is my younger sister, wearing my navy blue high waist skirt with black elastic. This is a skirt I made for myself, I am size 2 and my sister is size 10 πŸ™‚

Navy Blue High Waist Skirt

My sister Set-Set embracing her curves in Navy Blue High Waist Skirt

Material Notes:

  • Fabricwaistline in inches x 3 (or more depending on your desired shirring for the skirt) and then your desired length. I used 1 yard 60 width fabric for this project. I cut 2 16″ x 60 width and sew them together. I did the shirring buy running the upper edge of the fabric in the sewing machine with thick stitches and and pulled the thread out to gather the fabric width until it’s exactly my waistline measurement.
  • Elastic2″ 1/2 inches width black elastic x waistline measurement + 2″ for the hem allowance. I sew the tip of the garter together with 1″ allowance on each side to create a circle waist band.

Now just put these two materials together, and some finishing stitches and you have a wonderful skirt πŸ™‚

The below picture shows my friend Aihra, 5’3″ in height looks taller in my white high waist skirt with zipper on the side.

White High Waisted Skirt

My friend Aihra looking taller Β in my White High Waisted Skirt

Material Notes:

  • Fabric – For the white skirt, I used same measurement as I mentioned above but in 2 sets. 1 set for the see through primary fabric and 1 set for the lining.
  • Invisible Zipper – This time I used invisible zipper because the elastic won’t stretch out much when wearing the skirt because of the 2 kinds of fabric attached on it.

Here’s another skirt, and is actually my favorite. It’s like a combination of the first two. Both the primary fabric and the lining are light fabric so the elastic is able to stretch out when wearing the skirt. I think this is the sexiest among the 3, I used black lining which is shorter than the primary fabric so it gives mystery when you can glance some more skin behind the see through red fabric.

Red High Waist Skirt

My friend Jhelline looking fabulous in red high waist skirt.

I am so happy with this skirt collection. I as a designer and dress maker, want to create pieces that looks chic and easy to wear. I am embracing my youthfulness in my design without looking too young of my age :p.

I hope you found this post helpful. I will be more detailed next time πŸ™‚

Your suggestions are always welcome! Happy blogging!


2 comments on “Simple High Waist Skirt Using Elastic Band

  1. punkmik
    June 22, 2012

    That is a really cute design! And it does exactly what you want! They are chic and easy to wear pieces and versatile as you show here! Awesome job!

    • Kristin
      June 22, 2012

      Thanks Girl! Your comment means a lot ❀

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