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IMs for Long Distance Relationships

Being in a relationship can be tough at times and being in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is the toughest. Thanks to Instant Messengers (IM), it bridges the distance between our love ones miles and miles away from us.In this post I will share with you the IMs I am using to get in touch with my hubby. So to all LDR club members, I hope you will find this post helpful.

Yahoo Messenger

Add your mobile number so you can stay logged in anytime and anywhere 🙂

1. Yahoo Messenger. There is something about YM that I cannot let go of it–the SMS feature. My husband is currently deploy in Afghanistan and his schedule can often drive me crazy. I don’t have unlimited data plan on CP, so it’s difficult to catch up with him specially when I’m not at home.  Good thing is YM allows you to log in on your mobile without using the internet, you can set it up through here. With this brilliant feature, you can receive instant messages from your friends and love ones through sms. You only get charge for every reply, and trust me it is super worth it. Usually if I’m not at home, I would go to a place where there is a wifi as soon as I receive the message from the hubby ♥

2. MSN. I am super duper loyal with MSN, it’s my favorite for video chat with the hubby. I think not much people use it but trust me it is definitely my favorite among other Video Messengers. Why? First, it has the largest full screen feature (see image below), the bigger, the closer the better. Second, the streaming is more accurate than other messengers I’ve used. I only have about 512 MBps internet speed, and my hubby has a really bad internet in Afghanistan but we still able to enjoy our cam time 🙂

MSN Full Screen Video Chat

Cam time with the hubby on MSN ♥

3. FB Chat. Clearly, FB-ing has been part of almost everyone’s daily routine. When messengers mess up, I can only relay with FB messaging. The hubby travels during deployment and sometimes internet is not so reliable in other places and nothing really works but the web browser and where FB is accessible. FB has evolved a lot and now allows video chats too. I haven’t tried it though, so maybe you can tell me how good it is.

4. Skype. I use skype for business purposes, not really to talk to hubby so pass. 😉


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