munch it!

You got to chew it, to taste it!

I’m Blogging!

Finally! I have decided to get started blogging. I have created this long time ago and haven’t spent time writing anything. So many things going on my head and I really don’t know where to start.

A piece of me

Let me introduce myself, I’m Kristin, 23 and happily married for over a year now. I love fashion so much. I started sewing way back 2007 and I have actually made most of the clothes I am wearing 🙂 But it didn’t turn out to be my career, instead I am currently a Project Manager for an online business solutions. If you need help with marketing, building a website and all about social media, do not hesitate to shoot me a message!

Why did i decided to blog?

Google has been a BFF to me, answering most questions I have in mind. I found so many helpful information and opinions over the net, that I thought I can contribute some of the things I know too. I think I am a nice person and sharing is something I cannot let go!

What to expect in this blog?

I’ve been wanting to blog and since I didn’t know which area to focus I came up with the title Munch It! Life has different taste and flavor so I thought I can share a piece of everything I have and hopefully you’ll find it helpful somehow. I will be blogging mostly about fashion, maybe work related stuff and some personal experiences too.

Alrighty, I guess that’s enough of an introduction and let the sharing begins!



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